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Lhasa Hotel Tibet Lhasa

Located at 3,600m above sea-level is Lhasa Hotel. Only ten minutes by Tibetan rickshaw lies the ancient city centre and even closer Lhasa's famous landmark-the mystical Potala Palace. Just next door to the hotel is the Norbulingka-the Summer Palace. The airport is 90km away from the city, a spectacular drive across breathtaking scenery.

Lhasa Hotel
1 Minzu Rd, Lhasa.
Tel  (0891)6832221
Fax (0891)683579


The Grand Hotel Tibet Lhasa

The Grand Hotel Tibet (Lhasa) is belong to The General Office of Tibetan Autonomous Region. It Was contructed at 1987. And the totall build up area is 14,748 squre meter, the floor space is 57,420 squre meter. It is located at No. 198 Beijing Midle Road which is the gold area of Lhasa. The traffic is so convenient for the tourism guests and businessman. On the east, there are Potala place and Jokhang. On the west, is Norbulingka, These all scenic spots and historical sites are so close the Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel is our best choice.

196 Beijing Zhonglu, Lhasa.
tele (0891)6826096
fax  (0891)6832195


Tse Dang Hotel Tsedang Tibet
TSEDANG HOTEL, located in Tsedang town, is not only the largest hotel in Shannan(Louka) area but also one of the majoy tourist hotels in Tibet which holds 118 rooms of variety such as presidential suite, standard rooms and economic rooms.

21 Nitong. Rd, Tsedang
tele (0893)7821899
fax (0893)7821688


Hotel Shigatse Tibet

SHIGATSE HOTEL TIBET is a three-star tourist hotel, it was founded in 1985. The structure is in typical Tibetan style, and inside its decorated in the popular Tibetan tradition with modern amenities. It lies to the centre of Shigatse city, the site of successive Panchen Lama.

13 Jingdrel Rd, Shigatse
tele (0892)8822525
fax  (0892)8821900


Gyangtse Hotel Gyangtse Tibet

Situated in No.6 hero road of Gyangtse county, shigatse prefecture, it's a two star hotel for foreign tourism. There ar 103 rooms and 200 beds,and has a restaurant, dancing hall, bar, shop, beauty ect. comfortable environment, good service. In 1994 it won the one of 100 best star class hotels of China

No.6 hero road of Gyangtse county, 
shigatse prefecture, Gyangtse Tibet
tele (0892)8172222
fax  (0892)8172220


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