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'On May 28, 1918, the National Council of Azerbaijan adopted a Declaration of Independence and a new country was established  —  the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.  This date  —  Azerbaijan’s Independence Day  —  marked the fulfillment of a centuries-old dream of the Azerbaijani people for their own self-governed nation.  Azerbaijan became one of the first countries in the region to establish an independent, secular, democratic government with its own Parliament, judiciary and currency.  The world community, including the United States, recognized the sovereignty of Azerbaijan and established diplomatic relations.

Unfortunately, Azerbaijan’s newfound independence was short-lived.  In 1920, the Russian Red Army invaded the country, shut down Parliament and overthrew its elected officials.  For the next 70 years, the citizens of Azerbaijan lived under repressive Soviet rule.  As a part of the Soviet communist system, its natural resources were exploited and property confiscated.  Nonetheless, Azerbaijanis remained committed to establishing their free nation again.
That opportunity came with the dismantling of the Soviet Union in 1991.  At that time, Azerbaijan adopted a declaration restoring its independence and by 1995 the country had approved a new constitution that guaranteed democracy, full civil rights for its citizens, and an economy based on free market principles.

With a rich culture, complex history, and a population of 7.8 million, Azerbaijan is strategically and economically important to U.S. interests.  Bordering the Caspian Sea with abundant agrarian productivity, plentiful natural resources and large oil reserves, the country has much to offer.' 

--Ambassador Hafiz M. Pashayev of Azerbaijan
The capital of Azerbaijan, Baku is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea and is one of Azerbaijan's largest cities. The center of Baku is the old town, which is also a fortress. Most of the walls, strengthened afterthe Russian conquest in 1806, survive. This section is picturesque, with its maze of narrow alleys and ancient buildings. Part of a palace, a mosque, and a minaret date from the 11th century. Modern Baku spreads out from the walls, its streets and buildings rising up hills that rim the Bay of Baku. Greater Baku is divided into 11 districts and 48 townships. Among these are townships on islands in the bay and one island built on stilts in the Caspian Sea, 60 miles (100 kilometers) from Baku proper.


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