The Country covers an area of 2.7 million square kilometres, approximately the same size as Western Europe , and spans two time zones from the Caspian Sea to the Altai mountains in the East. In terms of landmass, Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world.

Kazakhstan has a very long history stretching for many centuries. The large trade and economical centres, such as Turkestan and Otrar flourished on the ancient land of Kazakhstan 1500 years ago. The thousands years history of another ancient city of Taraz had witnessed the great philosophers such as Al-Farabi, dubbed Aristotle of the East, and Hodzha Akhmed-Yassauyi, one of the most respected among the Turks follower of the Prophet Mohammed.
One of the main features characterising ancient Kazakhstan is the Great Silk Road. The territory now known as the Southern Kazakhstan laid in the middle of Silk Road, a web of caravan tracks connecting the East (China) and the West (Persia, currently Iran), in the second century AD.

Gold, silver, ivory, jade, wool, Mediterranean coloured glass, grapes, wine and spices flowed east, while silk, porcelain, spices, gems and perfumes moved to west. Kazakhstan provided horses and camels to keep goods flowing along the route. The historical significance of the Silk Road for Kazakhstan is derived not only from the trade that flowed from it, but also from the exchange of ideas, technologies and religions among the different cultures that used it.
The Constitution proclaims the rights to life, to personal freedom, to inviolability of private life, personal or family secrets, to be recognised as subject of law and to be equal before the law and court, etc. The Constitution defends the freedoms of speech and creative activities, conscience, forming associations, labour, occupation and profession, etc. 

The Capital city of Kazakhstan is called Akmola.


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