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Implants are another alternative for replacing missing teeth. Implants are artificial roots attached into the jaw bone and hold the bridges or replacement teeth. Implants are preferred by many patients because they are very natural and act like your own teeth. Dentists also prefer implants becauce of implants are reliable and success rates are pretty high.

The implant itself is made of metal, usually titanium, which has proven to be very compatible with bone and other tissues. Like conventional crowns and bridges, the replacement teeth mounted on the implants are made of porcelain or porcelain and metal.Placing the implant and allowing the bone to fuse with the implant will take some time. The entire procedure can take place over a few months and usually involves more than one surgical appointment. Placement and adjustment of the artificial teeth also may require more than one appointment.

Front view of the toot h to be crowned





One half of the tooth has been prepared so you can see approximately how much tooth structure has been reduced.


The tooth has now been fully prepared to make room for the porcelain (and most times an underlying layer of metal for support). Then two sides of the tooth are prepared with only a slight taper to help hold the crown in place.

The new crown is being put into place. Notice the way it will fit up under the gum tissue to hide the margin ( junction ) between tooth and crown.


The final crown is shaped as much as possible like the natural tooth to look and feel good. It is attached with special dental cements.



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