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The Yildiz Hotel is the largest unit of the Gonen Spa and is equipped with sophisticated holiday and cure facilities. It has 264 beds 150 rooms. Our experienced and cheerful staff will meet you at the gate as soon as you arrive. Our hotel with a spacious lounge will charm you with a peaceful holiday atmosphere right from the entrance with water gently splashing in the fountain and with a beautifil pool lounge.

The rooms are equipped with television, telephones, mini bar and music receivers, and are wide enough to please our distinguished guests.
  The Gonen Spa, Yildiz Hotel, which you may visit to get rid of the mental stress of daily business life, has rooms for one to four persons.
  Service is available to your rooms round the clock and to all social facilities which are open at the time. A shower in the bathroom-wc continously running hot water will give your body a unique effect of meggage, and will rid your body of fatigue immediately.

Helps with:
uscle rigidity commonly seen after surgery and accident.
Various types of rheumatism and calcification.
Defiritive characteristics preventing one from getting older.
Pregeriatric and pearthrosis effects, the simulation of the gonads and hormonal regulation.

The Regulation of bood content.
  Gynecological diseases, liver, gall bladder diseases and convalescence period.
  Mental stress.
  Children's development disorders.
  Gastro-intestinal problems.
In the pysiotherapy section, there are two individual sections for women and men, and each section is equipped with special physiotherapy machinery. Cervical traction, ultrasound lombertraction, interference and infrared treatment are some of the services provided by our physiotherapy section.


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